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Product Ideas

Just Kidding puts sustainable goat kid meat on the menu

Cotswold farm turns a dairy by-product into healthy food.

Eco building holds key to success for Halen Mon sea salt

Innovative building design facilitates three-year price freeze.

“Mamgu Welshcakes” gives traditional foods a modern twist

“Rebellious” young bakers give Welsh specialities a fresh, new appeal.

Pembrokeshire Beach Food Co. creates foraged seashore seasonings

Wild plants and seaweed are hand-picked and turned into award-winning produce.

Compost is key to success at Blaencamel Farm

Trailblazing organic farm in Wales grows vegetables year-round.

Pop-up Swshi brings Japanese-style fast food to rural Wales

Couple turns Welsh produce into sushi and promotes it on social media.

Three Pools Farm uses tourism to change perceptions of permaculture

Showcasing sustainable farming techniques near Abergavenny.

Taking the leap to become goatherds and cheesemakers pays off for Oxfordshire couple

Gold awards and breaking even within the first two years of business.

Exotic mushrooms from a unique city smallholding

Oxford couple grow shiitakes and oysters in converted shipping containers.

Grown in Totnes: grains for people, not animals

Creating new local markets for UK arable farmers and consumers.

Torth y Tir: growing the grain and baking the bread

From field to mill: sourdough baker revives bonds between community, farming and food.