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If you would like to explore the Agrivillage concept for your local area, please contact us for further details or to arrange a call or visit.

The Agrivillage has four major benefits for local councils.

Affordable housing and job creation

The Agrivillage creates affordable, attractive new housing and provides future jobs associated with them to directly benefit the local economy.

 Using brownfield sites

Peri-urban farming in particular can provide a means of using suburban brown field sites for building, whilst the adjacent land can be used to create a green belt of productive agriculture.

Sustainable supply chains

Shorter supply chains will save on associated transportation and enable local people to enjoy healthy fresh food at prices that are good for both consumers and farmers through direct local marketing.

Stimulating local markets

Increasing local food production will stimulate the local economy and could potentially fit well with any scheme you may have for local currencies as a means of paying local taxes. 

I would be delighted to talk more about this with you or members of our team can arrange a visit to discuss the concept further. Do get in touch!

With best wishes,
Jimmy Skinner
Founder, Conservation Farming Trust

(New Food Entrepreneurs is an initiative of the Conservation Farming Trust)