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If you would like to explore the Agrivillage concept for your land, please do get in touch and I would be happy to talk through the proposal or arrange a visit.

Agrivillages are designed by professional planners to ensure that the houses are well-designed, attractive and part of an agreeable community in which people compete for the privilege of living.

We use the concept of “regenerative settlement” – not just sustaining, but enhancing the attractiveness of an area and making the best use of its productive potential.

You will benefit not only from sharing in the uplift in the value of the land created by planning permission but will also be offered good opportunities for marketing produce locally at better prices than might otherwise be possible.

You can take advantage of the technical research and advisory facilities provided to the small-scale farmers experimenting with different symbiotic combinations of plants, animals and fish, leading to enhanced productivity per acre.

I would be delighted to discuss this further with you and members of our team can arrange a visit you to talk through the concept. Do get in touch!

With best wishes,
Jimmy Skinner
Founder, Conservation Farming Trust

(New Food Entrepreneurs is an initiative of the Conservation Farming Trust)