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If you would like to explore the Agrivillage investment opportunity, please contact us for further details or to arrange a visit.

Both land and housing are widely recognised as providing one of the most solid forms of long-term investment. Not only does land retain its value over the long-term but, along with the landowner and the residents, the investor will share in the uplift in value of the land on the granting of planning permission.

By creating attractive communities of well-built houses, you will have the opportunity to gain from both the sale and the leasing of the houses and the commercial buildings.

A potentially profitable additional investment can be made in setting up a development fund that will provide equity support for entrepreneurs attracted by the prospect of living in an Agrivillage. 

I would be delighted to discuss this with you and members of our team can arrange a visit to talk through the concept further. Do get in touch!

With best wishes,
Jimmy Skinner
Founder, Conservation Farming Trust

(New Food Entrepreneurs is an initiative of the Conservation Farming Trust)